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How To Prepare For English In Bank Exam

Among other topics, which are crucial for the effectiveness of the applicant in bank examinations, the probation officer or officers, English forms an important part of the team. While this document is generally considered easier than the candidate tough questions all the answers are correct. It is therefore essential that the candidate is this article seriously and to learn the basics of the language, before jumping to the sample documents or book of the previous year. English paper will be 50 questions carrying one mark each to a total of 50 points.
Prepare For English In Bank Exam

Detailed Program for English language Exams In Bank :

English exam paper at a bank or bank PO clerical exam candidate judges in understanding the following scene namely, prepositions, proper / improper filling of forms of verbs, prepositions, articles, etc.), para. Jumbles, sentence correction, synonyms, Antonyms grammatical errors, idioms and phrases, questions about the passage, one word substitution common questions about grammar and passing. The normal of questions will be 10 +2 level. Descriptive part of the test, review writing abilities of the applicant and includes 4-5 questions in various areas, including essay topics, resume writing and reading comprehension. The duration of the descriptive part is usually one hour.

Preparing for the English Exam :

Note the grammatical errors, because they can change the meaning of the sentence. It is recommended that the applicant spent some time studying the use of grammar.

Another mistake made by the applicant in the banking exam is spelling mistakes the best way to avoid this mistake again checks the paper and make sure there are no errors in the paper.

Make sure while putting your thoughts and ideas on paper, sentence formation is right. The candidate needs to get better his / her way, speaks good English, to advantage up the opening sentence.

The applicant must make a practice of reading English newspaper regularly, particularly the editorial section, as it helps in improving the knowledge skills and better understanding of the language.

Reading newspapers also helps get better vocabulary, the candidate must note down the hard words and look up the meaning in the dictionary.

Read good books on the grammar of the 10th level, Wren Martin and practice kits English on a regular basis. Check your score by questions to which you are facing difficulty, and should practice them.

The after that important part of the English language is the understanding that helps you to score better on the topic. There are about 15 questions based on a paragraph that can be without difficulty solved once you understand paragraphs.

Fill-in-blanks section is an additional section where you can score only improves grammar skills. There are 10 questions in a paragraph where you have to fill-in the Blanks in sentences and 5 questions for most conventional fill blanks type questions).

Finding errors in a sentence requires a good understanding of English grammar and normal practice.

For the descriptive part, practice writing skills, writing brief notes for each day to the next topic to develop their skills in sentence pattern and proper use of grammar.


  1. The after that important part of the English language is the understanding that helps you to score better on the topic.

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  2. You could also just enroll in a good Banking English course as well - there is nothing like a good teacher walking you through, motivating you, assessing you. But then to each his or her own. What you need to do is regularly measure your performance. Random shooting in the dark wont get you anywhere.

  3. CHECK YOUR VOCABULARY FOR IELTS is the best book for IELTS..Thanks for sharing.


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