Friday, June 29, 2012

Life of an English Student

Choosing to teach English in a new country such as Australia, is a superb experience and many cities have a lot of satisfying courses in English for you to choose from, such as General English, English for academic or work purposes or English to practice you for IELTS exam. But if you're new to study abroad and wondering what your experience will be, here is a typical day in the life of a student studying English.

8.00 AM - like a cup of coffee :

Cafe Culture Australia is one of the best in the world and there's nothing more refreshing than enjoying some coffee and breakfast at local café with your roommate or friend before classes begin. You can chat, read the morning paper or to go through some study notes.

9.00 AM - Order of the First Day of class :

It's 9 am and you're heading to the first day of class, Introduction to English Grammar. You enjoy this class because the teacher is great and you made a new friend, jimmy in this class who is from Germany. You and jimmy together to complete the grammar exercises and talk about different countries. Before you know it, class and you're heading to the next lesson, speaking English, which will then on top of a study in the library.

12:30 PM - Lunch on the grass, the sun :

Australia has some of the best sun-filled days - to get a sandwich and some soup from the cafeteria and sit on the grass to enjoy lunch with friends. Your roommate is here and some new friends you make. You talk about your classes, the culture of Australia and even try to practice some English! After much discussion, all you decide to see a movie together this weekend.

14:00 PM - Position of the afternoon classes :

Time to head to your two afternoon classes, English for academic research and writing English, and remember that some of his new friends in these classes. During classes, you begin to formalize their English skills and learn how to write essays and you also complete practice exam.

16:30 PM - Most of the PC Labs :

After another quick coffee break and some conversation with the mother I met one Aussie, you choose to head to the lab to use computers for one of your tasks. You bury your head in your work and get most of their task done. Oh, but look at the time! Tonight is the night you met a group of language.

18:30  PM- Enjoying dinner

You can take a quick bus into town to meet with his tongue. This group is a mixture of people who are also learning English, like you, and some local English-speaking students who are trying to learn their native language. Ordering food and swap talk in both languages to help each other learn. When the food arrives, chat, laugh and make jokes. You know, the group language is full of great people and enjoy social communication much.

20:30 PM - Home :

Dinner is time to head home. You can make tea, watch a little TV and then to press an hour of study and homework before catching up on your emails.

23:00 PM - Time for bed :

Tired and it's time for a good night's rest. In his mind, to go during the day you had what you have skillful, and what classes you have for tomorrow. You're also thrilled to the movies this weekend and you're probably thinking to a museum. You finish the day with a reading head of the English novel before snuggling to sleep looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

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