Monday, July 9, 2012

How to be successful in English?

How to be successful in English?
The solution to success for most areas of life is to keep trying, so if you want to speak English like an American should keep trying until your last breath.
Never stop learning go, go and listen, this is the key to your success.

Students who use successful methods are of two types:

How to be successful in English

They are negative people; they are always looking for problems quite than solutions

Or they keep trying; they stopped in the middle of their adventure! In fact, learning English is an adventure to be positive, to speak in English, focus on solutions, not problems.

At any time you have a problem; I think to solve it, not thinking about the problem.This is the key to the native speaker.

Positive people always succeed, but negative people always fail! This is easy sufficient to know what kind of people you should be!

Be optimistic! Be optimistic!

Still if there is no problem, negative people try to look for it! They are crazy and stupid; they never learn to speak English.

Speaking English simply, but only if you're ready for it, ready to find a solution, ready to spend an adventure.
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