Thursday, December 19, 2013

IELTS Speaking Test Questions

The questions asked during IELTS speaking tests are often repeated. It is therefore important to learn how to answer them. The following questions were asked during the test speak for IELTS.

Interview :

What is your complete name?
Is it possible to live in a big city?
What do you like in your house?
Is there something you like in your house?
Is there something you'd like to change about your house?
Do you like your name?
Have you ever wanted to change your name?

Speech :

The second part of the IELTS speaking test is speech. Test takers were asked to talk about their regular walks. A cue card was given to the following issues

Where do you go for a walk?
Who do you go with?
Describe what you see on the road
Why do you regularly walk?

Discussion :

The topic of discussion is related to the topic of speech. Following issues were discussed during the test.

Why walking makes people healthy?
Why do people like to go for a walk in the morning?
Do you think that people of all ages to exercise differently?
What activities are better than walking to stay healthy?

Friday, December 13, 2013

How to Increase Vocabulary Activities?

According to the Unites State sector of Education, the size of your little one's vocabulary is an analyst of future skill to read and, finally, how well he will do in school. This does not mean that you have to register your 2 -year-old in a costly private nursery or appoint vocabulary teacher for him. By engaging in a little more important communication throughout their daily activities, you are expanding his vocabulary and prepare for success during the early years.

Stage 1 

Read to your child teaches him the basic sounds that make up words. Your baby learns words from the books she read aloud to him. Do not limit your reading selections to storybooks, but includes magazines, books and documentary stamp found in everyday life, including cereal boxes, signs and packaging toy. Doing so will introduce a variety of new words.

Stage 2 

Speak with your child. Children who speak more frequent during the early years of childhood have larger vocabularies than their peers who do not hear as many words during those early moments. Include your child in a conversation with the question open-ended questions and confident her to participate in the discussions when possible. Describe objects to use bright images when you drive down the road, go for a walk or push a cart around the store.

Stage 3

 Learn word awareness. You want your child to be alert of the fact that he met an unknown word - whether it's silly nonsense word from a book by Dr. Seuss or fancy medical term that he heard his pediatrician use - so he will want to learn meaning of the new word. offers to play with words, using songs, games and humor to draw attention to your child's interest in new words. Praise your child whenever he takes notice of a new word or asks you to define an unknown word for it.

Stage 4

Make a word wall in a bedroom or games room where you can play stupid, interesting or new words, as she met them on your child. Keep lots of colored paper near the wall, and when she discovers a new word, write the word on a piece of paper, cut it to size and help you tack it to the wall. Leave it to decorate the wall, however, she would like - perhaps illustrated vocabulary words, when applicable. Review of the “old" vocabulary words by addition new words to the wall.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ielts And Student Visas

For a few students, studying is quite boring and dull work load. But, for some, knowledge is their driving force to get their goals in life. It is the fuel of your dreams - studying harder. Some students even hard-working they find universities and colleges in a foreign country, where they can experience a new culture both social and academic.Therefore, they start processing their essential requirements for student visas, and one of them is to get a certificate IELTS (International English Language System Test). There are many universities and colleges in a foreign country that require IELTS score of its students. What is new important is that some countries require IELTS score certificate for processing student visas.

In Australia, student visa application process needs a score of 5 in the exam IELTS. This condition is only for the processing of visa student, not the school the applicant is applying for. Students applying for a university abroad should target result set of the university, as well as universities and colleges required effect “is higher than that required Australian Immigration and Citizenship. Knowing this , the student is not need to worry about getting a student visa as long as they get more than 5 points in the exam IELTS.

In Canada, generally band score of 6.5 is necessary of students applying for a student visa. In addition, Academic Module must be taken from the applicants. This requirement is a result to be achieved, to be submitted with the other requirements for a student visa.

In the UK, requires a broad band of IELTS score of 6. IELTS certificate must still be valid because the certificate is only valid for two years.

All country has different requirements result in processing student visa. As a requirement of candidates who fail to achieve the desired results will not be able to follow their applications. Therefore, it is very important for a candidate to get IELTS to assess and even I higher. This is the reason why students choose to review with coaches and mentors in the IELTS examination centers.

In IELTS review centers, coaches will provide different improvement exercises that aim to develop the skills of these people. They will be both internal and extrinsically motivated to do better the reviews. Furthermore, the management of these IELTS instructors, students or their candidates to better understands the test and has the necessary knowledge through different experiences they will face in the examination for IELTS.

Ielts Interview Preparation-What to be Expecting from the interview Ielts ?

The interview is maybe the worst part of the IELTS exam for every candidate, IELTS. Most people think worried because they know that every word they say would be appreciated. I have seen candidates take the IELTS test five times and even the fifth time; they were so tense for the first time. If you know how a prepared interview, you will not be surprised by anything that should make you a little more relaxed about the whole experience. Here's what to expect:

4-5 min Part: General questions about your work / home and main topics
2 min Part 2:   Monologue. We need to talk about two minutes non-stop
4-5 min Part 3: Discussion. During this part, you will connect in a conversation with the examiner.

When you enter the room for the interview, you will be sat in front of the examiner. You'll see more than a few documents and forms in front of the examiner. During the interview, the examiner will take notes, but this should not worry you. He / she only takes note of the time (examiners must follow very strict time format), but never on your score.

The examiner will welcome you and introduce him-/herself then he / she will ask you for your name and your ID will then either be asked about your work / studies or where you live. Since this is how every interview begins, you should get ready possible answers to these questions.

After asking questions about your home or your work / studies examiner will ask you two sets of everyday issues. It can be read or music or something that everyone knows about. In any case, you need to give long answers and try to sound natural.

Then 4-5 minutes part, the examiner will ask you to speak for one to two minutes on the topic for which you get 1 minute to prepare. You will get a piece of paper and pencil to take notes and your topic. The examiner will read the topic for you, and you will have one minute to take notes and prepare. Read this post for note taking IELTS tips.

After one minute, you will have to speak for two minutes non-stop. The examiner will not say anything during this part. We need to keep talking until the examiner stops you.

The last part will be a discussion / conversation that will last 4-5 minutes. In this part, you will be asked a few questions on the subject; I had to speak for two minutes. This time the examiner will respond to what you say and ask questions according to what you say.

In the end, the examiner will say “Thank you. This is the end of the talk test. “When the interview ended, he / she will let you know the result, so no need to ask.

Stay tuned for another post in which I will explain how the test is scored talking.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Planning for an IELTS Essay

The Planning Process Of  Ielts Essay

Plans are important because they need to make sure that you can answer the question and you write sufficient words. Or to put it another way, if you do not think that you can not answer the question, or you can get half way through the essay and find that I have nothing to say.
How to Plan ?

There is no easy answer to this question. Planning tends to be very personal and what works for one person may not work for another. However, there are one or two guidelines to follow:

Be methodical: before you get to the exam, I know exactly how you plan your essay and stick to this plan in the exam.

Give yourself plenty of time: you only have 40 minutes to write the exam, but do not start typing too fast. Time spent planning is rarely wasted and candidates who fail to complete, are usually the ones who start to write too soon.

Remember that this is a language test: IELTS is a test of language, so make sure that your plan helps you produce good language

Keep it simple: your plan is there to help you write. If it is too complex, it can not work in 40 minutes exam scenario.

Read the question: make sure your plan is directly linked to the issue.

How long to Plan ?

Once more, there can be no exact answer here, but I would recommend 10 minutes is approximately correct. This may seem a long time, but as long as you stop and plan for a better and faster to write. People who fail to complete in time are often those who start writing too soon. For more information on this see my post 10 minutes solution.
What to plan - Vocabulary and Examples

Pre-preparing ideas are recommended by a number of text books. But, the pressure of the exam will make it not easy to follow this policy.

I would advise that you focus on examples and vocabulary. Concepts can be explained through good vocabulary, and these concepts can be developed into paragraphs that are logical by using examples. Dictionary will give you ideas and examples will allow you to develop these ideas in successive points.

Why Education is Important While Earning ?

You can be in a good mood and pleasant landing your first job. We will contact new friends, get cool cards and convenient desk work. The best thing about your first job salary. It is quiet natural excitement and it is better to go with the flow. But at the same time it is important to keep yourself engaged to learn more. Learning never stops with his new job. Must continuously upgrade to the latest tools and programs occurring in your area. Learning, earning and investing is the best thing that every employee needs to be done in routine life, because you have to be updated for the challenges in your career. Below are a few things you can do to keep yourself engaged in the learning process.

Get Tutor: Talk to other people in your company and know their stories. They may be able to help you with some tips. Make them a teacher and I know things from them. Learn new things from them and take their advice when needed. This is the best way to learn as you can get practical advice from a celebrity.

Gain Company Discounts: Some company offers various discounts by professional associations, intensive courses or publications of the industry. Gains from these offers and get involved. You can get registered and join this course and get knowledge.

Connect social networking groups: Today, social networking groups have much standpoint on learning. You can join these groups and their discussions. Through social networking sites that can reach people outside of your network and can make good connections with them.

Stay, Down to Earth: Just because you have a job is not enough of an expert. So stay down to earth, humble and polite to everyone. There is too much to learn and to become familiar with. So be flexible and get access to these opportunities.

Set Google Alerts: Set Google alerts and get the latest updates on your favorite topics. Through this you can be updated regularly. This is an easy way to access your favorite topic without searching through various websites.

Why learning is Important even as Earning?

Training is an important part while earning and there are many reasons for the same. Listed below are some of them:

May be retested: From time to time, may be tested again. It can be a conference or company meeting your colleagues might have something interesting to talk about. Thus you have to perform better. When you continue with your life , you gain confidence and thus can contribute to the company.

Improve skills and to Polish: Learning will help you improve your skills and polish those who already have. You can get experience by learning new things and use them in practice.

It's your job to yourself update: Nobody is responsible to make you learn in your industry. Your adult or managers will help, but it's your job to learn and update themselves with the latest stuff. Thus take the initiative and keep learning.

Manage Hold Status: not in a category where people do not respect you. Government to keep its wealth and keep it up. You can easily do this by learning new skills and acquiring talent.

Stay tune with the learning process and to learn about the latest updates related to your industry. This will surely help you in your work.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TOEFL or IELTS ? Which Exam Should You Take?

Two of the tests taken in English expertise are TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) . Businesses and educational institutions require either of these, so many people start out as TOEFL and IELTS review centers in the Philippines review nationwide. Both working professionals and students to each of these exams. However, many people are wondering how they are different? TOEFL is easier than IELTS? OR IELTS is less expensive than the test TOEFL?


Let's begin with the TOEFL. For starters, the TOEFL test is a computer-based test with some other test sites across the country and around the world. TOEFL test is composed of four different segments - reading, listening, speaking and writing. When reading, you will find a short format and long format passages. In reading, the knowledge of the candidate, passing vocabulary and the skill to infer details are very compulsory. At the hearing, the student listens interactions, classroom sessions, and even block calls. Questions based on topics in the audio recording. In speaking task consists of six different tasks, divided into independent and integrated tasks. Independent tasks require reasoning and opinions on personal experience; however, the integrated task response will be based on readings, text and audio recording. Finally, the process of recording has two tasks - integrated and independent. Integrated assignment asks you to write an essay on a passage and audio recording. Independent task asks for the view of the applicant the question and produced in essay form. The entire assessment operated for 4 hours and 30 minutes. All topics are based on the academic environment.


In the test IELTS, four language skills are also assessed. On the other hand, IELTS is a paper-based test, so you need to bring a pencil, such a test. There are two categories of the exam - THE ACADEMIC and general training. What perspective you need to do is to check what kind of test he or she should take. Reading passage is much longer and the ideas are non-academic. Scanning and skimming are required for this segment. The hearing test is easier for messages usually are part of the test. Competence of note-taking is an advantage. In speaking test is what most experienced worry. This is an interview conducted by a local resident. Lastly, the writing test consists of two tasks. Just like TOEFL, will be divided into integrated and independent tasks.

The fee for TOEFL and IELTS is something to be identical, but they depend on that land in which to take it.

The IELTS examination Philippines makes it easier for the test to know what are the differences between these two are . Find the closest examination centers nearby and find the differences between the two.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

TOEFL Reading Assessment

Exam TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a computer test which aims to assess the competence of a person from his or her command of English . Compared to other English proficiency tests for TOEFL has multiple test sites in the world and is favored by a number of organizations, government agencies and academic institutions worldwide. In addition, the TOEFL examination taken by working as experts or students worldwide. These people tend to have a far better job and obtain other information related experience. Because of its attractiveness, developers have started creating review centers in order to be the best TOEFL review center in the country.

Reading part of TOEFL score was a big challenge among which took the real assessment of TOEFL. A candidate's ability to read and understand academic passages into this area through various reading passages . There are about 3-5 numerous academic passages in this section. Topics include a variety of research fields such as architecture , social sciences , biology , history and much more. Each reading passage is about fourteen questions a job seeker should answer to . It is best that the prospect of being involved with his time as the check immediately stopped as soon as forty minutes reading time is used .

When taking part reading , one must remember several areas of assessment. Therefore , the first thing an applicant should do to prepare for the exam is read widely. Centre for Advanced manuals and get used to the questions written on it . Knowledge is the key. A person should not restrict itself to thematic areas that only cares or her. It is far better read journals found in libraries or even the Internet.

Vocabulary knowledge is critical . Through reading a variety of sources , the candidate is able to increase and improve their vocabulary . Adding to this , he or she will be able to learn the means of using context clues when learning about the actual exam. Capabilities of scanning and skimming are valuable and can be developed as a candidate for the post test TOEFL.

What is the best thing to do is to seek the best estimate TOEFL center. The review centers have mentors who help the candidate know the knowledge and skills needed to score well in the reading area . In addition , there are tons of practice tests that they give that reviewer TOEFL can not provide . Finding the best TOEFL review center is a good advantage in making reading TOEFL score .

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ielts Writing

English Preparation site to dedicated to provide you the best material for Ielts test preparation. This site is not only to provide you with free Ielts training online , but also to provide you with the best and most hassle free material available for IELTS test preparation.


IELTS test module writing skills to make two unique pieces of writing in a very short period of time. All test writing is divided into two different parts and, therefore , are provided with a time for the execution of these tasks .

IELTS Writing Task 1

In the first part of writing Ielts, provide you with a task , some graphic or picture details . The first part was to write a detailed statement with a minimum of 150 words of data provided to you.

IELTS Writing Task 2

The second task of the Ielts writing module is a bit of a challenge , because this task is expected to formulate an argument consists of a specific topic , and also to organize your answer clearly , and provide some examples to back up your views . Furthermore, it will have to be produced is not less than 250 words and from Task 2 is longer than Task 1, which is strongly suggested to be spent about 40 minutes for this task , and 20 minutes for the first task . You can find the free download Ielts material for your IELTS test preparation.

IELTS General writing (GT)

As we all know that Ielts Academic Module is different from Ielts General Module , so if you plan to consider module GT, the actual check writing has a different approach. In Ielts General Module entitled maximum 1 hour to perform two tasks. Task 1 is 150 words, which is usually a letter and task 2 is to write a reasoned essay contains 250 words , which is exactly like the Academic Module. However, Ielts training in the main module , the themes are not as difficult as compare to Ielts Academic Module.

Above is a brief description of writing Ielts Module however, to make this module relatively easy for all of you package Ielts, blog site offers free Ielts books download section , which is enriched with material you need for your Ielts test preparation. The Ielts Academic Module requires a lot of determination and to acquire new skills to get a high bar in the writing section.We present the techniques and skills that are necessary for your Ielts test preparation.

The main purpose of this site is to provide you with all the free stuff without wasting your time and allow you to learn all the possible relating to your IELTS test preparation.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Common Mistakes In Toefl Speaking Section

No material how good at communicate in English; there are still difficulties in which one feels awkward in the use of English in communication. For Filipinos, the English language has been used in everyday conversations usual. This was no problem in speaking English whether in an academic or business environment. Despite the fact that Filipinos are now more comfortable with the use of language such as English capability evaluation mainly in the area spoke on the TOEFL or Test of English as a foreign language requires a lot of training and experience. Filipinos today want to learn the teachers and educators in the TOEFL examination centers than studying alone. This is the reason that the TOEFL examination centers offer suggestions and recommendation for these individuals to do well, especially in the speaking exam TOEFL

Applicants can choose to work with coaches TOEFL center post for them to successfully meet the assessment. Without the correct coaching in TOEFL, TOEFL these candidates will have a hard time understanding the speech test and as a result commit errors in answering questions. What are the common mistakes ?

First , people need to know that there are two different types of tasks in the area said. Independent questions the first part . In an independent question , the person is a matter where he or she will have to agree or disagree , choose from decisions or summarize something . With time to talk about 45 seconds one has to make a solution that is powerful and effective. Most candidates fail to get a good score for this given that they talk too long. They describe too much to answer. Another mistake candidates usually make is that they do not develop a strong factor in their ideas. This is because they can not provide illustrations in support of his own thoughts . Another reason is that some projects do not fully understand what the question asks . Instead of giving faith , some agree on a statement. This may result in lower ratings when evaluators review response.

Integrated tasks are questions that are based on reading and listening to a song . Some job hopes that this little hard most significant when they are not familiar with the topics that emerged . Since this is an integrated question , the answer should be based on facts from reading or lecture. The problem with some projects is that they also make their mark in their response that really did not want . Evaluators assess response according to how well the person admitted reading and lecture. Furthermore, a typical error prospects make is that they can not take down the essential characteristics of the materials for making their responses inadequate.

The advantage of these review sites TOEFL is that they work reliably instruct how to lose these common mistakes and prepare them on how to respond to the tasks correctly.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to improve your Toefl Score

If you vision of study in the States, TOEFL may possibly be your ticket to success. With the fame of the Computer-Based Test, though, your results may depend more on your exam and computer skills than your English skill! To make sure you put your best foot forward and do your best, be sure to read our great tips before you begin the TOEFL!

Computer skills add up:
Poor computer skills can make you worried, careless and slow. Improve your chance of success by being familiar with a computer and by making full use of the pre-test computer class. Learning the section instructions ahead of time is also a must, in order to avoid confusion and save time during the exam.

Computer-adaptive puzzled:

Questions become harder or easier depending on whether you answer correctly or incorrectly. Although this allows for more accurate scoring, it also means you can't skip questions or go back and change your answers. Read each answer option carefully, and be careful of distracting choices - ones that may look correct at first glance, but are wrong. Finally, be sure to double-check your selection before clicking to confirm your answer and move on.

Build your memory skills:

You can't take notes or have any paper with you during the Listening section, so follow listening to longer conversations and remembering key details. The complete listening section takes 40 to 60 minutes, which can be draining if you haven't practiced for that long. It's a good idea to reproduce actual test-taking conditions when doing a practice round at home.

Ace your essay:

You have to write an essay on an assigned topic. Remember that idea content and organization are just as significant as correct English in your essay, if not more. Practice not only writing short 30-minute essays, but also developing supporting ideas for a topic and creating quick and effective outlines.

Your major challenger is time:
Many questions catch you into wasting time, so avoid this by setting yourself a careful limit for each question before you start the section. Also practice speed-reading techniques like skimming and scanning. You can't lose points for incorrect answers, so take a guess even if you aren't sure.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Free Study in Canada without Ielts

Exploring Canada Free Want Free Study in Canada.

You know you can be trained in Canada for free without IELTS? Canada is a very good-looking and picturesque place and something to do with free study in Canada. The Niagara Falls are the views and Jasper National Park is both some of the many beautiful places there. Canada has so much to do; you can shop, play ice hockey, and visit different places, training and work too! There is a reason why students prefer Canada to other countries when applying for study abroad, study in Canada is almost free! Generally C $ 11 903 are needed for 8 month course, which is most inexpensive as compared to other countries. Also Canada Visa policy is the most flexible.

Process to apply for free study in Canada without IELTS.

Free study in Canada, you have to search the Internet and newspapers for universities that are affordable and have low fees. Select all these universities and then further narrow the list of city you would like to go as Toronto, Alberta etc. Now that you have a short list of universities that are cheap and in the city you would like to go, you can start by sending CV and filling the admission forms.

Admission forms for universities in Canada are generally available online four months before the start of the session, so there will be enough time to complete the forms, collect any documents necessary or try all the necessary tests. You will need to have a good score in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language System, Testing (IELTS), these tests are essential and various universities abroad require different tests, so make sure you research universities advance and know which test you should try. For business students, a good score in the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is also required.

Do you have classes and test score right, universities have information too. Start downloading admission forms from the pages of different universities. Here comes the tricky part, forms must be completed carefully and honestly. Most students are confused here to seek the assistance of foreign education consultant will be very useful. Most universities will ask for a CV and release form so effective one, you can ask for help from someone with experience in consulting or education. Send your complete documentation of admission form, CV, recent classes and test results to the desired university do so as soon as the acquisition of International student visa depends on it.

Study in Canada for free without IELTS for International Students.

You will receive a letter of acceptance from some universities abroad now have the opportunity to choose one, so take all things into consideration here. Once you have answered, the university will begin the accession process and you will soon receive a certificate of acceptance for studies (CAS). This CAS is to show the Canadian Embassy in your country, together with other required such as criminal records and educational history, etc. An interview will be conducted, which will be very short, most of the last 5 minutes maximum. Will be issued an international student visa, you are all set to go! Once you are in Canada to study, you can take up a lot of jobs and study in Canada free or you want to get student loans, but the work is better, easier and hassle free option.

Apply for Visa Canada.

As you are interested in studying abroad in Canada for the summer study abroad programs or otherwise, you kind of works best Canadian Colleges and universities are doing a great job in facilitating international students greatly. While the move to apply for scholarships in some Canadian University College or university, you can do it with great care.

Consultants to study in Canada for free without IELTS

While you will be applying for research grants in Canada or otherwise, must be made specifically documentation to apply for a Canadian Visa. This requires you to complete all of your documents with respect to your identity, passports, residence, boarding expenses, accommodation, and good bank statement.

Before you apply for a Canada Study Visa without IELTS

So, before applying for Visa Canada survey must be completed all the most important in this regard. It is better to look at what are the requirements and how to apply for a visa. There may be some local offices of various consultants in their settlements, which are offered to help you in getting Canada Study Visa. You should not rely on them, as it is better to take a look online at various websites, consulting, so you could trustingly to do its jobs.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Master In IELTS

In this post we give an overview of the top 10 things you can do on your way to IELTS success.

Be practical we cannot know how to master IELTS, understand each part and improve your English overnight. So, take the time essential to prepare well. How long does it take? How do I know?

Talk to someone experienced your local school ESL, or high trusted ESL teacher. He or she will be able to assess not only their spoken English, but also your written production. This is very important as IELTS assesses all four basic skills. You’re speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Understand very obviously  that there are two things you need to work on in order to really understand how to master IELTS - English and understanding of the IELTS exam real test. No candidate has ever achieved the preferred brand without enough English. On the other hand, not enough knowledge of the test will impair the final result - that focuses on both! And test your English!

If it is possible - and it is - working with the material or training courses, developed by Cambridge examiners - those who really know how to master IELTS - the same people who will be grateful for a day. In this way, you will not be surprised when you decide to take the IELTS

There is discipline - to a rate of 7.5 or higher, as I recommend you seek, you will need dedication and focus that focus should have on how to master the IELTS.

Immerse yourself  in English. How to Master the IELTS is not just doing exercises - it is to be exposed to the language constantly. Videos, movies, text, read by CNN and other sources of information.

As you get closer to the exam, begin to be more rigorous with your timing. When many IELTS examiners are asked about how to master the IELTS exam, they frequently answer (myself included), that time management is crucial. Go faster and better and faster.

Avoid devoting too much time on just one component eg. Reading IELTS. Most of us prefer to do certain things and avoid other things. This is bad! How to Master the IELTS is to practice even.

As you get closer to the exam done IELTS exam practice tests and less of everything else.

Registration on time, get a good night's sleep before and remember that how the captain of IELTS is not a simple question, but you can do it.

Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Learn English Through Immersion

One of the best and established ways to learn the English language is through immersion. This means that you need to live, breathe, talk, think, and speak English.

Immersion can be achieved if you can live with a family who is willing to take you and teach you how to speak the language while staying with them. They will also have to keep in mind that they do not speak your language you except in emergencies.

Immersion can make you think using the English language and will be forced to speak it because no one else will talk to you otherwise. Also, with host families or good friends, each time you talk with grammatical errors that can immediately correct your mistakes and you can learn more quickly from mistakes corrected by repeating a way to speak the same sentence.

One of the exciting things about immersion is that having to buy things dealing with people who only speak English to you. It only takes about one week before starting to communicate in broken English, given three months to be able to speak freely, even if there are still some adjustments needed.

The minimum amount of time immersing successful is between three and four months, the longest time is about one year. Otherwise, you can talk and even read and write English and speak it without an accent even.

Why impressive work? The answer is simple, literally forced to think and speak another language without anyone to help you translate. Meaning, the brain makes adjustments.

Immersion always works? There are really some people who cannot learn any language, even dipping. The reason for this is simply because they refuse to learn and to insist on the use of their native language. They have a twisted sense of logic that other people will learn to understand their language, if they keep repeating it often enough.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Speaking English – How to talk about your friends

One of the best ways to practice speaking a language as English is simply talk and talk and keep talking as if there was no tomorrow. This ongoing effort to speak will become a habit and eventually you start thinking in English, the thought is no longer in your own language.

During learning, all teachers will tell all students that the only way to perfection through continuous practice. If you learn to speak English, then the best way would be to continue to practice in speaking, reading and writing. Here's how.

Speak, read and write. This is how you do it. No other way to Him. You just have to take it to the letter, you can not practice thinking your way through it, and you actually do it. You dream of practicing will not help improve your skills, especially English.

You, as the learner must understand that the English language is not a pure language when it is spoken. One of the purest language is Basque, and it is not English. English was influenced specifically by several other languages. The language we now know that English is not the language of Shakespeare, Wordsworth or even Chaucer. How do I know? Just read their works and you will see many different spelling, usage of words are also different and certainly the grammar is different.

When you talk to your friend in English, you will use the modern English, American, not British. Talk to your friends in English, even if they respond in your native language, just go ahead and answer in English. However, you must inform them of your actions or why they will feel that you are insulting. Once they know you're practicing, they will actually practice with you and even learn from you.

As you continue to talk, you should also learn from books and other media to help improve your grammar and vocabulary. To return to the classics, that you can possibly go after acquiring new skills. Once you have done one of the best ways to improve your grammar and vocabulary through the classics.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Books And Audio Books For English Language Learners

One of the most famous trends in the books is the e-book and audio book, all of which can be downloaded on mobile phones, iPods and other computer gadgets. Learners course pay for books, but they are worth the price because the learner does not need to change their program to make room for their learning.

There are those who just read books while waiting in line for the bus, train or elevator. Some do while waiting for their turn in the doctor's office.

Ease of learning eBook has some drawbacks, but there is no need to wonder if they read the words correctly. However, there are some who simply ask the next person next to them and ask for their help, most of which are only too willing to do. Therefore the ability to speak in English to practice their skills is the main attraction.

Audio books are a great way to listen and read at the same time. The listener can actually learn how a word is supposed to sound and they also learn to say the words in a sentence. Sometimes writing is totally different words to tell them all. There are times when writing can be long and yet fun to read, but when told loud out of  place.

One of the nicest benefits to eBooks and audio books is that more and more popular books are in demand and learner can actually get to "read" the book, even when they are jogging. What is good is that a lot of audio books were also popular novels so that the learner can actually feel that they are at par with their peers when they start talking to each other around a book People in the process they are able to speak English language and they say something the wrong way, their new friend can immediately correct something that is inherent in human nature, someone correct if they murder a language.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Preparation Before Job Interview

Do your study: As you know, one of the most important questions you can be asked in an interview is "Why do you want to work with us?" Or "why do you want to join this company? "Stuttering with this question may be a reason final break and to avoid this, you must know the company you are considering working with very well. Such research can also be helpful when negotiating pay, deciding what to wear etc.
Understand your job profile: Before applying for a particular job, make sure you understand the profile or description well. This will help you settle on the type of work you do and expect that the salary you can accept.

Know your CV: Know your CV like the back of your hand. Have all the details such as the positions you have held, the projects you have worked on the companies you have worked, etc. stored. All matters relating to your CV must be correctly answered with vast confidence.

Prepare your answers: The nervousness is a factor that must be taken into account. Prepare answers to frequently asked questions and put them into practice in front of a mirror, or better yet, ask a friend to help you. Be sure to speak clearly and look out for the body language and posture.

Decide what you wear - suitable for an interview. Your first impression is based on what you wear. Dress according to the type of employment and post for which you are applying. It is better to be overdressed than to be dressed for an interview.

Make sure your clothes are washed and ironed. Do not take a last minute decision about what you wear, and it can be very stressful. You do not want to find your shirt missing a couple of buttons, do you? The proper way to do this is to put your clothes the night before and make sure they are in good condition, washed and ironed

Make your travel planning. Plan what time you want to leave and what means of transport you take. Make sure you choose a route that is less crowded so that you can reach and time.

Perform resume / certificates / briefcase. Before leaving, check your briefcase for all necessary documents and make multiple copies of the same thing.

Arrive before time. Reach 25 to 30 minutes as soon as you can remain calm and stress free. It also allows you to check your appearance and create yourself before the interview.

Turn off your phone before entering the room. Do not forget to turn your phone off or put in silent mode. A phone rings sale or even a vibrating on a table can be very difficult for you, it can also interfere with the interviewer.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tips On Dressing For a Job Interview

When you get together a potential employer's first impression is based on what you wear and how you look professional. A look you can contribute significantly to your future with the company and it is important to feel comfortable, make sure you do not go too far.

Be careful and Precise.

There are times when you cannot be completely sure about what to wear. Remember, it is always better to be dressed a little more professionally than in the other direction. The option of simple colors like blue, black and gray is much safer than going over the top. Never wear something you are comfortable in. If you have not worn something before, this is not the time to try it.
Try to wear something that is suitable for the job you requested. A suit does not make sense if you are applying for the position of a lifeguard.
Tips On Dressing For a Job Interview

Be clean and safe. 

Your clothes may look great, but they look good on you?
As we said earlier, do not wear something you're quite comfortable and confident in. Under the trust is evident. You cannot be shaken and uncomfortable in what you wear. Cleanliness is also necessary. Make sure you pay special attention to your hair, nails, teeth, breath and body odor. A pair of shoes unpolished is a strict no. Keep this in mind.


You accessorize carefully and make sure you do not look flashy. A formal wristwatch and a pen are necessary. Make sure your shoes and belt look clean and match your outfit. Keep jewelry to a minimum and if you wear earrings, match them with care. If you wear makeup, make sure it is applied carefully and does not seem over the top. Apply your perfume, but use it in a way that is not irresistible. In addition, wear a bag that matches your outfit and gives you easy access to documents.

Check and stay up to date. 

Carefully inspect clothing. A torn pocket or hung son can look terrible. Keep in mind that anything you wore years may not be fashionable. Wear it and see how it looks. Make sure the connector carefully. This may be a good idea to ask a friend for advice.
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