Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Learn English Through Immersion

One of the best and established ways to learn the English language is through immersion. This means that you need to live, breathe, talk, think, and speak English.

Immersion can be achieved if you can live with a family who is willing to take you and teach you how to speak the language while staying with them. They will also have to keep in mind that they do not speak your language you except in emergencies.

Immersion can make you think using the English language and will be forced to speak it because no one else will talk to you otherwise. Also, with host families or good friends, each time you talk with grammatical errors that can immediately correct your mistakes and you can learn more quickly from mistakes corrected by repeating a way to speak the same sentence.

One of the exciting things about immersion is that having to buy things dealing with people who only speak English to you. It only takes about one week before starting to communicate in broken English, given three months to be able to speak freely, even if there are still some adjustments needed.

The minimum amount of time immersing successful is between three and four months, the longest time is about one year. Otherwise, you can talk and even read and write English and speak it without an accent even.

Why impressive work? The answer is simple, literally forced to think and speak another language without anyone to help you translate. Meaning, the brain makes adjustments.

Immersion always works? There are really some people who cannot learn any language, even dipping. The reason for this is simply because they refuse to learn and to insist on the use of their native language. They have a twisted sense of logic that other people will learn to understand their language, if they keep repeating it often enough.

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