Thursday, December 19, 2013

IELTS Speaking Test Questions

The questions asked during IELTS speaking tests are often repeated. It is therefore important to learn how to answer them. The following questions were asked during the test speak for IELTS.

Interview :

What is your complete name?
Is it possible to live in a big city?
What do you like in your house?
Is there something you like in your house?
Is there something you'd like to change about your house?
Do you like your name?
Have you ever wanted to change your name?

Speech :

The second part of the IELTS speaking test is speech. Test takers were asked to talk about their regular walks. A cue card was given to the following issues

Where do you go for a walk?
Who do you go with?
Describe what you see on the road
Why do you regularly walk?

Discussion :

The topic of discussion is related to the topic of speech. Following issues were discussed during the test.

Why walking makes people healthy?
Why do people like to go for a walk in the morning?
Do you think that people of all ages to exercise differently?
What activities are better than walking to stay healthy?

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