Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to improve your Toefl Score

If you vision of study in the States, TOEFL may possibly be your ticket to success. With the fame of the Computer-Based Test, though, your results may depend more on your exam and computer skills than your English skill! To make sure you put your best foot forward and do your best, be sure to read our great tips before you begin the TOEFL!

Computer skills add up:
Poor computer skills can make you worried, careless and slow. Improve your chance of success by being familiar with a computer and by making full use of the pre-test computer class. Learning the section instructions ahead of time is also a must, in order to avoid confusion and save time during the exam.

Computer-adaptive puzzled:

Questions become harder or easier depending on whether you answer correctly or incorrectly. Although this allows for more accurate scoring, it also means you can't skip questions or go back and change your answers. Read each answer option carefully, and be careful of distracting choices - ones that may look correct at first glance, but are wrong. Finally, be sure to double-check your selection before clicking to confirm your answer and move on.

Build your memory skills:

You can't take notes or have any paper with you during the Listening section, so follow listening to longer conversations and remembering key details. The complete listening section takes 40 to 60 minutes, which can be draining if you haven't practiced for that long. It's a good idea to reproduce actual test-taking conditions when doing a practice round at home.

Ace your essay:

You have to write an essay on an assigned topic. Remember that idea content and organization are just as significant as correct English in your essay, if not more. Practice not only writing short 30-minute essays, but also developing supporting ideas for a topic and creating quick and effective outlines.

Your major challenger is time:
Many questions catch you into wasting time, so avoid this by setting yourself a careful limit for each question before you start the section. Also practice speed-reading techniques like skimming and scanning. You can't lose points for incorrect answers, so take a guess even if you aren't sure.
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