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Ielts And Student Visas

For a few students, studying is quite boring and dull work load. But, for some, knowledge is their driving force to get their goals in life. It is the fuel of your dreams - studying harder. Some students even hard-working they find universities and colleges in a foreign country, where they can experience a new culture both social and academic.Therefore, they start processing their essential requirements for student visas, and one of them is to get a certificate IELTS (International English Language System Test). There are many universities and colleges in a foreign country that require IELTS score of its students. What is new important is that some countries require IELTS score certificate for processing student visas.

In Australia, student visa application process needs a score of 5 in the exam IELTS. This condition is only for the processing of visa student, not the school the applicant is applying for. Students applying for a university abroad should target result set of the university, as well as universities and colleges required effect “is higher than that required Australian Immigration and Citizenship. Knowing this , the student is not need to worry about getting a student visa as long as they get more than 5 points in the exam IELTS.

In Canada, generally band score of 6.5 is necessary of students applying for a student visa. In addition, Academic Module must be taken from the applicants. This requirement is a result to be achieved, to be submitted with the other requirements for a student visa.

In the UK, requires a broad band of IELTS score of 6. IELTS certificate must still be valid because the certificate is only valid for two years.

All country has different requirements result in processing student visa. As a requirement of candidates who fail to achieve the desired results will not be able to follow their applications. Therefore, it is very important for a candidate to get IELTS to assess and even I higher. This is the reason why students choose to review with coaches and mentors in the IELTS examination centers.

In IELTS review centers, coaches will provide different improvement exercises that aim to develop the skills of these people. They will be both internal and extrinsically motivated to do better the reviews. Furthermore, the management of these IELTS instructors, students or their candidates to better understands the test and has the necessary knowledge through different experiences they will face in the examination for IELTS.

Ielts Interview Preparation-What to be Expecting from the interview Ielts ?

The interview is maybe the worst part of the IELTS exam for every candidate, IELTS. Most people think worried because they know that every word they say would be appreciated. I have seen candidates take the IELTS test five times and even the fifth time; they were so tense for the first time. If you know how a prepared interview, you will not be surprised by anything that should make you a little more relaxed about the whole experience. Here's what to expect:

4-5 min Part: General questions about your work / home and main topics
2 min Part 2:   Monologue. We need to talk about two minutes non-stop
4-5 min Part 3: Discussion. During this part, you will connect in a conversation with the examiner.

When you enter the room for the interview, you will be sat in front of the examiner. You'll see more than a few documents and forms in front of the examiner. During the interview, the examiner will take notes, but this should not worry you. He / she only takes note of the time (examiners must follow very strict time format), but never on your score.

The examiner will welcome you and introduce him-/herself then he / she will ask you for your name and your ID will then either be asked about your work / studies or where you live. Since this is how every interview begins, you should get ready possible answers to these questions.

After asking questions about your home or your work / studies examiner will ask you two sets of everyday issues. It can be read or music or something that everyone knows about. In any case, you need to give long answers and try to sound natural.

Then 4-5 minutes part, the examiner will ask you to speak for one to two minutes on the topic for which you get 1 minute to prepare. You will get a piece of paper and pencil to take notes and your topic. The examiner will read the topic for you, and you will have one minute to take notes and prepare. Read this post for note taking IELTS tips.

After one minute, you will have to speak for two minutes non-stop. The examiner will not say anything during this part. We need to keep talking until the examiner stops you.

The last part will be a discussion / conversation that will last 4-5 minutes. In this part, you will be asked a few questions on the subject; I had to speak for two minutes. This time the examiner will respond to what you say and ask questions according to what you say.

In the end, the examiner will say “Thank you. This is the end of the talk test. “When the interview ended, he / she will let you know the result, so no need to ask.

Stay tuned for another post in which I will explain how the test is scored talking.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Planning for an IELTS Essay

The Planning Process Of  Ielts Essay

Plans are important because they need to make sure that you can answer the question and you write sufficient words. Or to put it another way, if you do not think that you can not answer the question, or you can get half way through the essay and find that I have nothing to say.
How to Plan ?

There is no easy answer to this question. Planning tends to be very personal and what works for one person may not work for another. However, there are one or two guidelines to follow:

Be methodical: before you get to the exam, I know exactly how you plan your essay and stick to this plan in the exam.

Give yourself plenty of time: you only have 40 minutes to write the exam, but do not start typing too fast. Time spent planning is rarely wasted and candidates who fail to complete, are usually the ones who start to write too soon.

Remember that this is a language test: IELTS is a test of language, so make sure that your plan helps you produce good language

Keep it simple: your plan is there to help you write. If it is too complex, it can not work in 40 minutes exam scenario.

Read the question: make sure your plan is directly linked to the issue.

How long to Plan ?

Once more, there can be no exact answer here, but I would recommend 10 minutes is approximately correct. This may seem a long time, but as long as you stop and plan for a better and faster to write. People who fail to complete in time are often those who start writing too soon. For more information on this see my post 10 minutes solution.
What to plan - Vocabulary and Examples

Pre-preparing ideas are recommended by a number of text books. But, the pressure of the exam will make it not easy to follow this policy.

I would advise that you focus on examples and vocabulary. Concepts can be explained through good vocabulary, and these concepts can be developed into paragraphs that are logical by using examples. Dictionary will give you ideas and examples will allow you to develop these ideas in successive points.

Why Education is Important While Earning ?

You can be in a good mood and pleasant landing your first job. We will contact new friends, get cool cards and convenient desk work. The best thing about your first job salary. It is quiet natural excitement and it is better to go with the flow. But at the same time it is important to keep yourself engaged to learn more. Learning never stops with his new job. Must continuously upgrade to the latest tools and programs occurring in your area. Learning, earning and investing is the best thing that every employee needs to be done in routine life, because you have to be updated for the challenges in your career. Below are a few things you can do to keep yourself engaged in the learning process.

Get Tutor: Talk to other people in your company and know their stories. They may be able to help you with some tips. Make them a teacher and I know things from them. Learn new things from them and take their advice when needed. This is the best way to learn as you can get practical advice from a celebrity.

Gain Company Discounts: Some company offers various discounts by professional associations, intensive courses or publications of the industry. Gains from these offers and get involved. You can get registered and join this course and get knowledge.

Connect social networking groups: Today, social networking groups have much standpoint on learning. You can join these groups and their discussions. Through social networking sites that can reach people outside of your network and can make good connections with them.

Stay, Down to Earth: Just because you have a job is not enough of an expert. So stay down to earth, humble and polite to everyone. There is too much to learn and to become familiar with. So be flexible and get access to these opportunities.

Set Google Alerts: Set Google alerts and get the latest updates on your favorite topics. Through this you can be updated regularly. This is an easy way to access your favorite topic without searching through various websites.

Why learning is Important even as Earning?

Training is an important part while earning and there are many reasons for the same. Listed below are some of them:

May be retested: From time to time, may be tested again. It can be a conference or company meeting your colleagues might have something interesting to talk about. Thus you have to perform better. When you continue with your life , you gain confidence and thus can contribute to the company.

Improve skills and to Polish: Learning will help you improve your skills and polish those who already have. You can get experience by learning new things and use them in practice.

It's your job to yourself update: Nobody is responsible to make you learn in your industry. Your adult or managers will help, but it's your job to learn and update themselves with the latest stuff. Thus take the initiative and keep learning.

Manage Hold Status: not in a category where people do not respect you. Government to keep its wealth and keep it up. You can easily do this by learning new skills and acquiring talent.

Stay tune with the learning process and to learn about the latest updates related to your industry. This will surely help you in your work.
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