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What are Idioms? Example Of English Idioms And How to use Idioms in IELTS Essay Writing

Idioms are words, phrases, or expressions that are either grammatically unusual, as in, “Longtime, no see!”,or theirmeaning cannot be taken literally, as in, “It's raining cats and dogs!”This expression does not mean that cats and dogs are falling from the sky, but it is a metaphoricalexpression (word picture) that means that it is raining very heavily.


After Robert had broken the window, he decided to face the music and tell his mother.

Meaning: 'to accept the unpleasant consequences of
one's actions'
Alia had to learn a very long poem by heart

Meaning: 'to rote-learn something'

When Pinky asked Mary out, she showed him the cold shoulder

Meaning: 'to show deliberate coldness or disregard

How to use Idioms in IELTS Essay Writing

Idioms have a particular role in writing an essay. They are as delicious spice in hot soup. They play an important role in writing and many writers use idioms to make readers understand the topic in a humorous way. The reverse side of the use of idioms is the use of idioms, without understanding the context and makes typing too wordy. Here are some steps to use them properly.

Find the point of idioms before trying to use them. Idioms are the style of artistic expression characteristic of an individual, school, period, on average. They report that the current situation is similarities with past history. They are the best tools to make writing more enjoyable and impressive.

Use idioms in writing, to make your work more focused and impressive. For example: "White Elephant". This means “a losing investment." This idiom is often used to refer not be affected by state institutions. So a sentence that reads: “This institution has become a white elephant to the municipal corporation" is unclear given the importance that the institution has become a non-profit institution for the municipal corporation. Such an indirect relationship in writing an article or essay makes clear and convincing.

Note that the use of idioms is given due importance and weight age in IELT writing. This means that the study of key idioms and their use can help with high IELTS writing Scoring.

Be careful when using. Sometimes idioms are like double-edged sword. Improper use can result in a unhelpful impact on brands, so be sure to focus on learning the proper use of idioms during the IELTS exam preparation.

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