Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ielts Band Score for UK Student Visa

United Kingdom - a vision destination for everyone. May involve travel or employment, everyone wants to visit the country and enjoy the beautiful and historic sites in the UK. Besides these, many students are involved in finding good universities where they can be saved and be with other international students. Implementation of student exchange programs was optional for those students. The pride of being a prestigious academy or university in the United Kingdom and walking the corridors, where bright minds are also stalked some experiences these students want to have. However, it is important for every student to know that studying in the UK require a student visa. Here is some information for a student visa to the UK.

The TIER 4 General student visa or student visa is granted to any person resident in the UK for six months or more. Applicants may choose Long Term Visitor Visa to t 11 months. Applying for this visa, the applicant must be able to have the intermediate level (European Framework - B1) in English. To do so, the applicant must provide evidence of their level of English through English proficiency examination. The IELTS exam or International English Language System testing is a test adopted in the UK. It is best to provide a valid certificate IELTS, because Border Agency UK will be checking the skills of students upon their arrival at the airport.

The applicant must take either academic or general training module. He or she must get an overall band score of 4.0 to 5.5 or foundation course in the undergraduate or graduate program with no score below 4.0 or 5.5 respectively. However, most UK universities require a score between 5.5 and 7.0 bands for admission. With this, it is best to seek a 7.0 to be admitted in the academic institution you are applying for.

Furthermore certificate IELTS, the applicant must provide a letter visa or confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) from an approved academic institution, registered in the United Kingdom Border (UKBA). In addition, applicants must submit proof of financial resources that will show the ability of the applicant to cover all costs and charges during your stay.

For candidates viewing with IELTS training centers for the exam required. Remember that this certificate is very necessary, so doing well during the exam is required.

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