Monday, April 14, 2014

Prepositions Of Place : At, In, On

If I asked you what you find most not easy in English, I'm sure most of you would answer generally: Prepositions.

Well, this entry will try to help you with three prepositions of time, which you are familiar with but sometimes you find them a bit confusing. These prepositions are ON, IN and AT.

Check the mind maps below and then try to complete the sentences. 

Don't forget that the days of the week are written in capital letters. The months of the year are also written in capital letters. Remember that we say "at night" although it's a part of the day.

Complete the sentences with one of these prepositions to check if you understood.

1. I'm writing some examples _____ the moment.
2. As soon as I finish this entry, I'm going out to do the shopping. I'll be back _____ half an hour.
3. The academic course begins _____ October and finishes _____ 31st May.
4. I like walking round El Espinar _____ midday when it's warm and sunny.
5. _____ a few days' time the second term will be over.
6. We won't have classes _____ Easter but you are supposed to do some homework _____ the afternoons.
7. The classes at the Official School of Languages start _____ five o'clock and finish _____ about nine.
8. Not many pupils attend class’s _____ Friday afternoons and evenings.
9. Mark and Allie always go out for a meal _____ their wedding anniversary.
10. I'll see you _____ the morning.

Is it easy or hard? As always, it's a question of practice. 

This is the key:

1. at
2. in
3. in - on
4. at
5. in
6. at - in
7. at - at
8. on
9. on
10. in

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